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Darkuncle History and Refresh



Thank you for finding this site!

I have wanted for so long to update this site to a more modern and updatable platform and I’ve finally done it with WordPress. I’ve own this domain name since the year 2000, a little over sixteen years now. Originally I didn’t really have a use for it, I just liked the name. It was just a place to play around on the web and create some random web pages. At some point I started doing some freelance web developing and needed a page to show those services. So I put that on this domain some time in the year 2000.

Below shows what the home pages looked like over the years. Basically four versions.

Darkuncle Webste HistoryThe first version was pretty terrible by today’s standards, but back then it really wasn’t that bad. Around 2001 I started another business but was still doing some web work here and there. But my new business really took off and it became my life for the next 9 years. So Darkuncle really stood unchanged for a lot of years with no real purpose. I just put a picture of my cat on the home page so I would stop getting calls for web work. I eventually sold my interest in the business and semi-retired.

I’ve always love photography, image creation and using Photoshop since the early 1990’s. I took many darkroom and film development courses and shot a lot of Kodachrome. One day I’ll find the time to sort those boxes and find some gems. I also took several digital imaging courses that introduced me to Adobe Photoshop and the Apple QuickTake camera. That was it for film for me, I knew where it was all going. I spent many hours scanning film to get my images into Photoshop so I could learn. I loved it! Some of the images on this site are over 25 years old and are scanned from film.

Around 2012 I had some time on my hands and decided I wanted to show off some of my photos. I never liked the photo hosting services that are out there. I just wanted my own place. That’s when I bought a little Flash web program called Fluid Gallery. It was pretty good but really limited in creating a decent UI and no blog features. Not to mention some browsers don’t play well with Flash these days. So I stopped adding photos and let the site lay. Then it just started to bug me so I spent the time these last few months and updated the site so it can be somewhat useful and fun again.

I’m pretty excited to be able to easily add photos from time to time and when time permits maybe comment on their creation. Feel free to let me know what you think.

I hope you enjoy my photos.



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