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Minnesota Monarch

Monarch Butterfly

It’s obvious that I have not been active creating entries on this site since I updated it to WordPress a few years ago. I’ve just been busy doing life and a current kitchen remodel. Fun Fun! I do on occasion add a new photo once in a while. I also have a few travel photos selected that I would like to add to the site. I just need to fit in time to do some post-processing. But the other day I had my camera in my hand and noticed a Monarch butterfly on one of our hydrangeas. I got a few shots off before the critter took flight and I happened to get him with his wings expanded. It’s just wonderful to watch these creatures go about their business. Every year I’m excited when I see my first Monarch flying around our garden. It’s sad to know that there is pressure on these little guys and someday may become endangered, if not already. I just thought it would be a nice photo to share. If you want to know more about the plight of Monarch, jump over to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services webpage dedicated to studying the Monarch.

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